Upgrade to IBM WCS V8.0 !!

Sept 05, 2016

Migrate to IBM WCS V8.0 !!


IBM WebSphere Commerce V8.0 delivers a new approach to e-commerce with an improved business user experience to help merchandisers, retailer and Business marketers deepen customer engagement and greatly enhance business results. Version 8.0 also includes a new customer service capability that enables organizations to provide a seamless experience all across call centre and digital channels.

  • Alluring brands & shoppers with merchandising tools, precision marketing, site search, customer experience management, catalog & content management, and social commerce capabilities. And also engaging shopper or customer have a consistent and personalized shopping experience.
  • Faster time to market with an advanced starter store for B2C and B2B needs.
  • Responsive to optimize content for all device types and formats.

IBM Commerce 8 includes new features based around customer support, customer & business user experience and Management Centre, in addition to updating the underlying software components like the application server and database.

Views that Benefits most of the Audience Observation:

WebSphere Commerce Professional View

It provides a comprehensive business-to-consumer (B2C) cross-selling solution that midsized companies can use to deliver a personalized and consistent shopping experience. The capabilities of the Professional edition include precision marketing and merchandising, configurable business processes, search engine optimization, and personalization. Businesses can use these capabilities to attract, motivate, transact, and understand their customers throughout the customer’s journey. In Version 8.0, the Professional edition now enables limited use of the Extended Sites architecture, previously only available in WebSphere Commerce Enterprise.

WebSphere Commerce Enterprise View

It is an Omni-channel, e-commerce platform that enables business-to-consumer (B2C) and business-to-business (B2B) sales to customers across all channels, which include web, mobile, social, store, and call centre. The Enterprise edition allows brands to engage shoppers in a personalized and consistent way with merchandising tools, precision marketing, site search, customer experience management, catalogue and content management, and social commerce capabilities. Organizations can go to market quickly and easily with an advanced starter store for B2C and B2B that is responsive to optimize content for various device types and formats, which include web, mobile, and tablet.
Web Sphere Commerce Enterprise and Web Sphere Commerce Professional helps in:

  • Excursion of sales and revenue with personalized experiences, content, offers, and merchandising to more effectively sell products and services.
  • Increase customer satisfaction and loyalty by strengthening relationships and delivering a rich and differentiated brand experience across all customer touch points.
  • Enlighten and empower marketers, merchandisers, and product managers with easy-to-use business user tooling and analytics to create, manage, and personalize marketing, promotions, and catalogues without relying on IT resources.
  • Create multiple branded sites and storefronts on a single platform in an efficient and cost effective manner by leveraging a common set of assets and infrastructure.
  • Maximize performance and minimize downtime with a flexible and extensible e-commerce foundation.

In addition to the capabilities included in WebSphere Commerce Professional, WebSphere Commerce Enterprise enables B2B business models with buyer administrator and approver administrative and operational functions. With the WebSphere Commerce Enterprise, businesses can use multiple Extended Sites, compared to one Extended Site allowed in WebSphere Commerce Professional.

Great Management Centre Capabilities for Developers

  • IBM WCS V8.0 features an updated Management Centre that uses Dynamics HTML (DHTML) and Spring Framework.
  • Spring is an open source for developers to customize tools easily in the Management Centre.
  • New user interface look for the Management Centre.
  • Inclusively use of DHTML eliminates the need for Adobe Flash for the Management Centre.

In Addition To the Enhancements for Business Users, Version 8.0:

  • Leverages a software platform upgrade to the latest versions of the web application server, database, and integrated developer environment.
  • Leverages a software platform upgrade to the latest versions of the web application server, database, and integrated developer environment.
  • Incorporates the capabilities of WebSphere Commerce V7.0 feature packs.
  • Allowing businesses to use the Gift Centre capability in their physical stores, without any additional license purchase.
  • Like Version 7.0, Version 8.0 can be deployed on premises or in the cloud through IBM Commerce on Cloud.
  • Cater more efficient packaging options.

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Facts and statements in this article are taken from Gartner, IDC, and IBM WebSphere Commerce, etc and are publicly available information. Some of the statements are “forward-looking statements” and are subject to material risks and uncertainties.