Upgrade & Migration

With the help of our custom application migration services, we have assisted companies in successfully refactoring, modernizing, upgrading, and scaling their business applications. Whether for on-premises, hybrid, or cloud environments, you get the best application migration services from us.

Signs To Upgrade / Migrate Your System

  • Analyzing and determining the structure, dependencies, strength, and security compliances of the application overall.
  • The project’s duration and total cost of ownership, together with a thorough risk assessment.
  • Methods for automating the procedure with frequent testing before implementation.
  • Whether to re-build, rehost or migrate to a better platform.
  • To enhance usability, accessibility, and productivity, retain and refactor the app

Our Services

ERP Migration / Upgradation

Not satisfied with your current ERP? In order to streamline the business management structure, we plan ERP migrations that combine CRM and business applications into a single automated centralized architecture, doing away with the time-consuming manual workflow process.

Operating System Migration / Upgradation

With the benefit of improving compatibility, security, and minimizing downtime, Incresol has vast experience moving the configuration and data of your application from the current or legacy operating system. This migration drives better performance and consistent business management productivity.

Database Migration / Upgradation

We assist you with data migration from one or more sources to a target database that has been restructured using best-in-class tools and database integrations. We employ a planned migration process that includes analysis, database schema conversion, migration, feature testing, and stability checks for performance. We migrate databases from older versions of MySQL and PostgreSQL to newer ones.

Platform Migration / Upgradation

We have extensive experience migrating workloads from on-premises to the cloud and between various cloud platforms, as well as providing post-migration resources and training. Platform migration includes coding, frameworks, backend programs, databases, and many other things. Incresol works following the specific business requirements and fills in the technology gap.

Code Migration / Upgradation

We offer code migration services that cover various areas such as modernizing PHP and Open Source Software, and migrating from RHEL/Linux to CentOS. Our approach provides greater flexibility and enables us to accomplish the second most difficult task in code migration, which is improving the current application’s features, speed, security, and performance.

Cloud Migration / Upgradation

Incresol offers a cloud migration service that is fast, dependable, and cost-effective, regardless of where you are in your cloud journey. By choosing us, you can concentrate on managing your organization while leaving the complexities of storage and data security to us. Our team of experts can ensure a smooth deployment with minimal or no downtime, whether it involves migrating data, applications, workloads, software licenses, or legacy infrastructure.