Service Scope

Any app origin and status

  • Applications that belong to both the legacy and modern categories.
  • Software options that include custom-built solutions, software-as-a-service (SaaS) offerings, and open-source software.

Any scope

  • Internal integrations.
  • Integrations with partners, suppliers, customers, etc.

Any app complexity

  • Traditional transaction systems.
  • Modern solutions based on microservices, IoT, big data technologies.

Any deployment approach

  • Cloud/multi-cloud.
  • On-premises.
  • Hybrid.

Any integration approach

  • Point-to-point/ESB-based SOA.
  • A shared database.
  • iPaaS.

Any communication type

  • API-based.
  • Message/event-based.
  • Batch-based.

Why Incresol?

Efficient cooperation at every level, encompassing internal teams, stakeholders, and other external vendors.

Advanced project management proficiency, utilizing a project management office (PMO) to smoothly coordinate and manage enterprise-level integration initiatives.

Less interruptions to your organizational workflows.

A value-driven methodology that involves defining and ranking objectives, executing iterative planning, and implementing accordingly.

Proficient management of data to guarantee uniform and thorough data throughout the integrated system.