Incresol’s eCommerce solution through IBM Websphere Commerce helps businesses to develop and launch a potential eCommerce website. We achieve the objective of developing the eCommerce solution via tailor made methodologies and best practices thereby offering cost effective and high quality deliverables.

Incresol’s IBM WCS services include:

  • Analyzing business processes.
  • Design and development strategies to streamline the business processes.
  • Integration framework.
  • Deployment of distinct eCommerce websites.
  • Competitive middleware platform.
  • Architecture for SOA and BPM.

Our USP’s:

  • Domain knowledge and expertise in WebSphere Commerce.
  • Experienced consultants.
  • Multiple Architectures.
  • Reusable Frameworks.
  • We deliver better user experience methods and know what options make our customers comfortable.

Incresol’s eCommerce solutions, combined with unique and innovative methods and approaches,  minimizes the risk in developing eCommerce websites. We take pride in offering quality results, cost effective deployment, speed and reliability through our IBM WCS services. Incresol’s consultants offer mobile support that helps in making distinctive transactions such as coupon codes, mobile shop browsing, mail marketing to name a few.

Using IBM WCS, we develop several independent sites for a plethora of brands, locations and consumers.Through a unified interface and the WebSphere Commerce framework, we provide  a secure electronic payment. We integrate payment plug-ins with vendors’ payment services.  Our friendly IBM WCS consultants work closely with our clients in developing strategies, designs, UX, architectures for potential and user-friendly eCommerce websites.