Incresol’s services provide customers in exploring Azur’s broad range of cloud services that include virtual machines, storage, databases, analytics, networking, artificial intelligence, IoT, security, and identity management. In addition to supporting a variety of programming languages and frameworks, Incresol also offers tools and services for DevOps and CI/CD. These services are used by businesses of all sizes, governments, and non-profit organizations for various purposes such as website hosting, app development, data storage, disaster recovery, and more.

Azure Components We Cover

  • Data center physical plant/building
  • Azure Security and Networking
  • Azure Storage and Databases, Virtual desktop infrastructure
  • Windows OS
  • Azure DevOps and Developer Tools
  • Data analytics: Microsoft Power BI, various options of DWH, big data analytics, IoT, machine learning
  • Microsoft Dynamics 365, Office 365, incl. SharePoint Online

The Scope of Our Managed Azure Services

Azure administration

Incresol provides Azure administration services, which include tasks such as configuring Azure resources, managing data flows that pass through Azure, and performing backups of the data stored in your Azure resources.

Azure troubleshooting

We at Incresol are dedicated to addressing any issues that may arise due to misconfigurations of applications and servers, as well as server overloads. Our team investigates event logs in order to identify the root causes of incidents and take preventive measures to avoid their recurrence in the future.

Azure monitoring 24/7

To ensure the availability and reliability of your Azure-based infrastructure components, Incresol employs monitoring tools such as Azure Monitor, Nagios, Zabbix, and Prometheus. These tools allow for continuous monitoring and reporting of Azure resource utilization and performance, providing you with valuable insights into the performance of your infrastructure.

Azure usage optimization

As a proactive managed service provider, Incresol constantly seeks opportunities to improve the efficiency of your Azure resources. For instance, we can establish auto scaling procedures to effortlessly accommodate fluctuations in demand for Azure storage or compute resources, ensuring that your infrastructure remains optimized at all times.

Azure help desk

Our multilingual team at Incresol is fully equipped to provide L1-L3 support for all of your Azure-based infrastructure components.

Azure cybersecurity

At Incresol, we develop a customized security strategy and select the most appropriate security tools to meet your specific needs. We configure and manage access to Azure resources, and provide ongoing security monitoring, as well as conducting regular vulnerability scans and penetration testing throughout your Azure environment.

Azure migration

Incresol designs a personalized migration plan and carefully selects the most suitable Azure services to create a cost-effective and high-performing Azure environment that meets your unique requirements.

Azure evolution

New components of your Azure-based infrastructure can be planned, implemented, deployed, and configured by Incresol. We can also maintain, integrate, and provide technical and functional support for the already-existing components.

Azure compliance

As part of our services, we conduct routine checks to ensure that your Azure environment conforms to the standards for secure data storage and processing, such as HIPAA, GDPR, ISO 27001, PCI DSS, and NIST 800. If necessary, we can provide you with a HIPAA Business Associate Agreement (BAA) and a GDPR Data Processing Agreement (GPA) to meet regulatory requirements.


Mature and transparent processes: We guarantee that you receive tangibly valuable services, predictable outcomes, and open management from Azure by adhering to the established ISO 9001-certified quality management system.

Azure cost efficiency: In addition to defining the best Azure services for your IT infrastructure, we also make use of Azure autoscaling capabilities for storage and computing resources to adapt to changing demand. For the purpose of lowering Azure administrative costs, we use ITSM procedures and ITIL best practices.

Proactive approach: Beyond typical operating considerations, we always seek for methods to enhance your Azure-based IT infrastructure.

Guaranteed data security: Your data is safe with us because we use a security management system that has been ISO 27001 certified and is based on tried-and-true security procedures, cutting-edge cybersecurity tools, and security-aware personnel.