In collaboration with AWS, our company, Incresol, presents a comprehensive data management platform that efficiently handles and utilizes data across different platforms, such as files, applications, databases, hypervisors, and the cloud. Our services include designing, delivering, and providing daily operational support for computing, storage, and virtual network infrastructure within the AWS cloud. Our objective is to assist businesses in unlocking the full potential of cloud deployment and migration by utilizing our knowledge, advanced tools, and extensive integrations with AWS services. Our team of certified AWS experts collaborates closely with clients to develop a cloud strategy that aligns with their business transformation objectives and implements cloud management solutions to optimize the use of the AWS Cloud.

Our AWS Solutions

1. Cloud Advisory & Consulting Services

Cloud computing is one of the most revolutionary services in IT and digital transformation. It offers a plethora of opportunities for businesses of all sizes to increase their return on investment through value-added services available with AWS. In today’s IT industry, cloud services have become a necessity. We collaborate with AWS to provide increased agility, flexibility, cost savings, and business expansion. Our AWS Cloud Advisory and Consulting Services assist with the migration to and development on the AWS Cloud, enabling countless possibilities for growth.Our aim is to help you identify the best-suited cloud strategy for your business’s growth. We are focused on delivering measurable outcomes and provide assistance in developing a migration roadmap supported by robust business cases. Cloud migration involves numerous other components, and we help optimize AWS for the appropriate business transformation.
  • Optimization of AWS Instances.
  • Architecture Consulting for Strategy Development.
  • Managed Infrastructure and Application Services.
  • Additional Solutions for Customers through Repeatable Intellectual Property.
  • Professional Services for Application Development, Integration, and Migration.

2. AWS Cloud Migration Services

Migrating to the cloud can be challenging and complicated, but with the help of specialized and experienced professionals, you can achieve it successfully. These experts can assist you in developing a cloud strategy that delivers measurable outcomes. Migrating to AWS Cloud requires expertise in various areas, such as building scalable and automated technologies, creating resilient architectures, implementing security best practices, and having a clear understanding of the existing environment. As an AWS Premier Consulting Partner, we guide you through a clear migration path, beginning with a precise evaluation, followed by plans to minimize disruption, and concluding with tried-and-tested procedures to ensure high performance. We are the preferred partner and trusted advisor for many significant clients who recognize that modernization is the way forward. This includes activities such as lift and shift, migration, optimization, and automation. Our Cloud migration professional services comprise AWS data migration, server migration, and application migration to the AWS cloud.
  • Infrastructure migration to AWS- Transfer your on-premises workloads or applications to AWS.
  • Application migration to AWS- AWS application migration and modernization enable full utilization of AWS cloud’s benefits.
  • AWS cloud monitoring and reporting- IT monitoring is a time-consuming but necessary task that strains internal resources, automate this critical functionality by moving to the AWS cloud. 
  • Data center migration to AWS- Data centers consist of databases, applications and servers.

3. AWS Managed Services

Maximize the advantages of the AWS cloud ecosystem for your business by hiring our team of AWS experts. Our experts can facilitate faster app deployments, thorough app performance monitoring, timely resolution of AWS-related incidents, improved process efficiency, and scalability, resulting in better business outcomes. Businesses need a thorough understanding of designing for scale and cloud best practices, including knowledge of AWS services, Security by Design procedures, and the well-architected architecture, in order to reap the full benefits of the cloud. As an established AWS Managed Services Partner and Premier Consulting Partner, we have invested significantly in the AWS practice, building a strong team of certified and trained specialists with extensive experience and technical expertise to help customers gain a competitive advantage with our Cloud Managed Services on AWS. In order to experiment, create, explore, and maintain their competitiveness, businesses use the cloud extensively. Our AWS Managed Services provide a wide range of services, such as scope definition, deployment, upkeep, monitoring, and cloud application operation. To help our clients adopt the cloud more quickly, we provide AWS Managed Services. Creating a cloud-first culture is essential for success.
  • Get unrestricted access to cloud experts 24x7x365, who offer constant support.
  • Receive detailed reports, reviews, and audits that provide utilization and billing information.
  • Proactively monitor and alert your cloud with real-time notifications, escalations, and alerts.
  • Automate your cloud architecture, testing, and deployment with DevOps Automation.
  • Ensure security and compliance with visibility, access, and data control.
  • Quickly recover with backup, snapshot, and lifecycle management.

4. AWS Data Analytics Services

Advanced analytics plays a crucial role in driving value through data and is a defining factor for successful digital transformation. AWS offers low-cost data storage solutions and compute nodes tailored to specific tasks, which eliminate the need for ITOM workloads. This makes AWS an excellent platform for automated data analytics. Integrating automation, machine learning, and artificial intelligence can make analytics a transformative force, allowing for real-time optimization of existing data and technologies. The top organizations, which we call digital champions, integrate advanced analytics into their operational processes and culture, shaping their strategy, business requirements, and data structure. AWS offers data analytics services that can help companies enhance their analytical competency and accelerate their digital transformation journey.  Our Incresol Analytics on Cloud implementation service for AWS Cloud offers efficient and effective analytics solutions, leveraging the power of Machine Learning and Artificial Intelligence for a range of services, including total cost of ownership forecasting and automated business intelligence. Our data experts can guide organizations in making informed decisions about adopting analytics, regardless of whether they are at the initial stage or further along in their journey.
  • Utilize AWS data analytics to facilitate digital transformation.
  • Perform real-time analysis of large volumes of data.
  • Take advantage of our comprehensive AWS services for data analytics, migration, modernization, automation, data optimization, security, and managed services.
  • Make informed decisions based on insights gained through analytics.

5. Cloud Security Services

When implementing cloud services, security is a critical consideration to ensure that data stored on the Cloud is appropriately restricted, controlled, monitored, maintained, and secured. AWS offers a shared responsibility model, where it manages cloud security for its infrastructure, while organizations are responsible for securing their data and workloads. Amazon offers various security services and features, such as encryption, key management, and identity and access management (IAM), to help implement organizational security policies.

To protect data and environments from unwanted exposures, vulnerabilities, and threats, AWS has developed security services and management tools. However, it’s ultimately up to customers to effectively implement these AWS security services. We collaborate with AWS to provide Cloud Services that align with global security standards and meet specific client needs and security requirements. Our comprehensive security-specific tools and features enable enterprises to secure their network and data, manage configuration, control access, and monitor networks in their environment.

  • By using AWS Cloud, organizations can lower their operational costs as they no longer have to maintain on-premise facilities.
  • The security architecture of AWS Cloud is designed to scale with an organization’s usage, ensuring that data remains secure regardless of the size of the enterprise.
  • Strong safeguards are integrated into the infrastructure to ensure privacy protection, and all data is processed in highly secure data centers.
  • AWS manages multiple compliance programs in its infrastructure, making compliance easy for organizations.