Incresol’s Application Management Services deliver management and maintenance for all application platforms through a variety of hosting options — fully dedicated, fully shared and hybrid.

Incresol Application Outsourcing services:

  • Planning and Assessment.
  • Transition plan and Road mapping.
  • Modernization.
  • Upgrade and Migration.
  • Application Testing.
  • Monitor and manage the applications.
  • Supporting Production Testing.
  • Training Services.

Our objective is driven by your need:

  • Reduce TCO.
  • Improve the IT service consumption.
  • Move to an outcome-based service.
  • Facilitate to expand the business areas.

At Incresol, we offer the most flexible models to work with along with the most cost effective packages. Our processes are based on researched industry practices and our transparent approach put our customers at ease. You can choose our quality services with a standard service price per application per month depending on the size of your business, processes, and investment.

Business Benefits:

  • Reduce application management costs.
  • Improve scalability and predictability.
  • Increase agility and flexibility of the business.
  • Reduce/Minimize risk.
  • Access domain experts.
  • Industry benchmark practices and processes.

As we improve your workflow efficiency, users will gain an updated experience that is consistent with mission-critical applications and support. The services we provide will minimize maintenance and support requirements. You can then refocus resources to new business-critical initiatives.