Our iWeighPro Computerization & Manless Operation solutions, renowned for their successful integration with SAP, SAP S4 Hana, Oracle ERP & Other tailor-made Solutions. Our cutting-edge technology is transforming weighbridge operations by introducing efficient man-less weighing processes. We have developed software that not only automates the weighing process but also seamlessly interfaces with these industry-leading ERP solutions, ensuring accuracy and reliability in data management.

With our remote monitoring capabilities, you can oversee weighbridge operations from anywhere, making informed decisions on-the-go. Our solutions remain highly customizable to suit your specific needs, whether in logistics, industrial, or commercial settings.

Security is paramount, and our systems come equipped with robust features to protect against unauthorized access and data breaches. Moreover, our real-time video capturing ensures complete transparency and accountability for audit purposes, all while seamlessly integrated with SAP, SAP S4 Hana, and Oracle ERP Solutions.

We also simplify compliance and reporting, ensuring you effortlessly meets regulatory requirements while generating detailed reports within your ERP environment.

Experience the future of weighbridge operations with us – our innovative, user-friendly solutions are designed to optimize efficiency, accuracy, and security in every aspect of your weighbridge management, enhancing productivity and data synergy across your ERP systems.


  • Improve Customer Trust
  • False claims can be avoided with the help of surveillance recordings and snapshot attached with bill/receipt given to the customer as proof.
  • Such transparent business approach leads to customer satisfaction and in turn ensures customer retention.
  • Improved Productivity
  • Smart integration automates internal processes avoiding the cumbersome process of manual data entry.
  • Quick search can be carried out based on transaction ID and bookmarks, which makes investigation of suspicious activities extremely simple.
  • This automation and quick search improves productivity, in turn improving business processes.
  • Security
  • As the process is automated, there is no scope for manual manipulation of data by any employee.
This provides greater security against fraud and makes sure employees abide by organization policies and standards.

How This Works:

The solution involves three cameras, one focusing on the license plate of the truck, one overhead camera to take a snapshot of the container, and the third camera to capture the weighing scale. These cameras work in synchronization with weighbridge software.

  • When an empty truck arrives on the weighing scale, a camera reads its license number and sends the data to the system.
  • At the same time, a second camera, which is placed overhead, takes a snapshot of the container and sends it to the system, providing visual proof of the container being empty before loading takes place.
  • Simultaneously, the third camera captures the weighing scale indicating the weight of the truck before loading, and sends it to the system.
  • All this information is then compiled by the system and printed on a single receipt, which has the following information: date of loading, time of loading, transaction Id, license number of the vehicle, snapshot of the empty container and weight of the vehicle before loading.
  • This receipt acts as visual evidence for the fact that the vehicle was empty before loading.
  • The entire process is repeated after the loading is complete.
  • A separate receipt is printed with date of loading, time of loading, transaction ID, license number of vehicle, snapshot of loaded container and weight of the vehicle after loading.
  • This receipt acts as a proof of the quantity that was loaded on the vehicle.


  • Weighment Software suitable for Truckscale.
  • Connect upto 4 Cameras at each weighbridge.
  • Supports IP Cameras with RTSP support.
  • Records recall based on vehicle number as well as weighment uniqueID number.
  • Supports dot-matrix printers, graphics printers. Images can be printed using …graphics printer.
  • Configurable ticket settings.
  • User groups, user accounts and access control.
  • Email alerts on weighment. Images are also sent in email.
  • SMS alerts on weighment.
  • Report alerts fortnightly or shift wise.
  • Print report of weighment data. Report Vehicle wise, Customer wise, and Material wise etc.
  • Excel report of weighment data.

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