Incredible PIM

Product Information Management – For Operational Necessity to Strategic Asset

Challenges-Data, Manpower, System:

Operating an eCommerce site is further amplified due to vast number of SKU’s that are involved. With the millions of products, the associated content such as product variations, product descriptions, pricing factor, content with images, videos, etc. information can be easily go into hundreds of millions for the largest e-tailor.

The future of retail lies in technology-enabled customer-centricity, smooth processing and higher productivity. Mainly it’s all about indulging in the Omni-present, Omni-channel, and Omni-connected consumer.

  •  Maintaining quality data is a constant challenge and endeavor for the retailers.
  • Unstructured content types, such as video, sound, PDFs, pictures, continue to proliferate and must be meaningfully associated with structured data.
  • Management of product data is difficult and redundant. Requires training across department which results to time consumption and adds to manpower cost.
  • Manual intervention in publishing data to Omni store-front is slow and prone to errors.
  • Redundant effort in characterizing product labels to ensure appropriate filtering , search and compare functionalities
  • Less sales because you cannot get new product information to market fast enough
  • Lack of incomplete data leads to change in End User decision making process
  • In consistency between listed Product price, market price & price offered by competitors.

Solution-Incredible PIM

Smartly Cleanse, Standardize, Centralize and Enrich all Product Information

  •  Automate importing product data from multiple sources into Incresol’s PIM suite. This helps to save manpower time, reduces error and eliminates superfluous data entries.
  •  One-Stop solutions to grab data from multi sources, cleanse the data, enhance & enrich the data to publish in all channels from a central source.
  •  Intuitive user interface & artificial intelligence search with a powerful engine to manage and store all attributes of products characteristics for better merchandizing such as EAN’s, image, description, reviews, manuals, videos, blogs etc.
  • Smart characteristic label distribution to avoid de-duplication that results to uniformity in the all categories of the product’s data.
  • Voguish price grabber enables to strategize right product pricing for competitive advantage.
  • Helps in expediting the Go-To-Market strategy by publishing product details quickly to eCommerce storefront.

Key Features

Enable Automation
Our Data Enrichment Application minimize the human intervention and automate the process which in turn saves thousands of man-hours and money.

High Quality
This Application produces access to clean, structured and high quality data thereby allowing the fresh data to be integrated into the systems.

Early To Market
Fast and accurate results help company to save time, money and labor along with gaining an obvious time-to market advantage over the competitors.

Accurate Result
This Application helps to get the most accurate and fast results that cannot be collected easily. It generates relevant product data information.

Cost Efficiency
As the result of huge savings in the operational cost, more focus can be diverted towards achieving the business goal.

Return on Investment

25% Agility in online sales conversions
Increase your selling capital with larger
miscellanea of products that better merchandise and more with intuitive product information gleaned from Omni channel method.

35% Estimated increase in online sales
Integrate your CMS, ERP OR Ecommerce Platform with our PIM to bring product information to your ecommerce store front quickly and effectively.

30% Optimization in manpower
Engage your staff to work on other operational activities by our automated PIM Solution.
All you need minimize trained staff to merchandise your product and manage its data.

3.5X Faster product launch

Synchronization of Product ingestion and outbound publication makes the process of mastering new product and getting them online and in store much quicker.