i Digi PRO

Digital signatures allow you to sign documents like sales invoice, purchase invoice, purchase orders and challans directly from SAP ERP. This allows you to verify the integrity of data and also authenticity of the submitter of the data. To use digital signatures a so-called digital certificate is needed. 

How it works?

  • Create an invoice.
  • Then document processed to ASPTAX DSC monitor.
  • Select the invoice and send to signing.
  • The file will automatically be placed to the inbound folder of the DSC server
  • Then the file will be automatically signed and be placed in the outbound folder.
  • The document will be fetched automatically from the outbound folder respect to the business place and will be displayed in the ASPTAX DSC monitor.
  • The selected document is viewable directly in PDF reader without downloading.
  • Reports to get the complete records towards the signed documents.
  • Select and send the document directly to customer from SAP
  • Avoid manual upload and download.

Key Features:

  • No dependency on multiple systems
  • Manage everything from SAP 
  • Feature rich DSC Monitor for all the end user activities 
  • Option to automate the complete process (Signing / Print / Email) 
  • On demand print or email of signed copy from SAP 
  • Configurable CC email id to copy all the emails of signed copy 
  • Option to add multiple email ids on demand while sending emails 
  • Audit history of the complete signing, print and email 
  • Authorization framework enabled 
  • No changes to SAP core system 
  • Enhancement option to enable the workflow based approval process 
  • Option to configure multiple digital certificates / authorized signatories 
  • Works with DSC Tokens, PFX Certificate File, PKCS Certificate Files etc…