Developer’s Experience to Implement Angularjs on WCS V7 & V8.

Sept 01, 2016

Essentials – Angularjs in WCS

AngularJS is a JavaScript framework which extends HTML attributes with Directives, and binds data to HTML with Expressions. AngularJS provides “$http” Control that works as a service and expects the response from the service in JSON format. This could be made possible in IBM WCS with the help of already defined RESTful Webservices.

Implementation of Angularjs In IBM WCS V7:

In WCS v7 (< FEP7), Angularjs has made possible for those pages where there can be a better possibility of fetching data using RESTful Webservices.
As per my experience on implementation of Angularjs in Product Pages, product view handler is a component of restful Webservices. Henceforth, it was possible to fetch most of the required data using already defined Product View Handler.

Due to the unavailability of REST services for Search Results pages in WCS v7 (< FEP7), we could not use Angularjs unless we create new RESTful service to handle Search Results.
As we already look across there is some limitation for feature pack below FEP7. Consequently, for Feature Packs FEP7 or later, we have Search View Handler to fetch Search Results. This makes it possible to implement Angularjs for Search Results pages in WCS v7 (FEP7 or later).

Implementation of Angularjs In WCS V8:

Implementation of Angularjs is made manageable or simple in IBM WCS V8. In version 8, the Aurora starter store uses REST services throughout the checkout process. The actions for each map page to a REST service.
Implementing Angularjs is made easier in IBM WCS v8. In version 8, the Aurora starter store uses REST services throughout the checkout process. The actions for each page map to a REST service.
There is a huge possibility to convert the whole checkout process to suit your business needs to present the user, an experience of Single Page Application.

For more information, see Mapping of REST services to storefront checkout actions here:

Henceforward, this clearly shows that we can implement the total checkout process by using Angularjs. The same way, most of the other pages of your WCS v8 store can be integrated with Angularjs easily as there are RESTful web-services defined for most of the WCS Nouns.

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